Step 4 – Prepare for Success

Make a plan and stick to it! Use the tools below to help you plan out what you want to accomplish with this campaign and the steps you want to take to reach your goals.

Matching Grants

Want a surefire way to boost your campaign? Try matching grants! Organizations that have matching grants raise more money overall. Learn what matching grants are, who to ask, how to ask, how to use your matching grant strategically, and how to promote it.

Peer to Peer Fundraising Guide

Want to take your organization’s fundraising up a notch this year? Try Peer to Peer Fundraising! Get your best supporters (volunteers, staff, your mom, etc.) to help spread the word. At the most basic level, ask them to share the link to your organization’s profile page during your campaign on their social channels. To get them even more involved, ask them to create a fundraising page to help you raise funds and win prizes. Use the guide to learn more and get started!