1 Month Before Give-Education Day

❏ Decide on fundraising goals (dollars, number of donors, and what that means for your organization) and communicate it.

❏ Promote the event in your newsletter, emails, and on your website. Be clear that Wednesday, March 6th is THE day to give for Give-Education. Update your email signature to include a “coming soon” announcement with the date of the Give-Education event.

❏ Encourage supporters to ‘Like’ and follow Give-Education on Facebook. Your social media presence will be a major traffic-driver, so start conversations now and provide information that your followers can spread across their networks.

❏ Start telling engaging stories on your nonprofit’s blog. Interview volunteers and beneficiaries of the work of your nonprofit. Post the videos on your Give-Education page and nonprofit’s blog. Giving is an emotional activity and stories help people engage and see how they can play a part in making a difference.

❏ Use other tools in the Nonprofit Toolkit

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❏ Marketing Tips

❏ Social Media Guide