1-2 Weeks Before Give-Education Day

❏ Update your Facebook status with a link to the Give-Education landing page.

❏ Encourage your staff and volunteers to do one-on-one outreach to their friends and networks.

❏ Set up your matching grant on Give-Education, and publicize it in your communications.

❏ Consider doing a countdown on Facebook and Twitter by posting a new image in your status update each morning.

❏ If donors will be away on the Give-Education, they can make their donation. ahead of time. Send them a link to your nonprofit’s page and encourage them to make their donation.

❏ Finalize volunteers or volunteer duties for the day of events. Prepare all necessary outreach materials.

❏ Prepare communication pieces you plan to send during the Give-Education Day. Leave open spots for real-time information, but creating a template ahead of time will give you more time to think and be clear about what you are saying in the midst of a busy day.